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There are two kinds of organizations at play and multiple kinds of users, so clear terminology is helpful to understand the capabilities of the Identity Express: Partner Portal Edition:

Term Description
Host organization

The organization which licensed and is operating the Hitachi ID Suite software.
Host user

A user with access to the Hitachi ID Suite by virtue of being affiliated with the host organization (employee, contractor, etc.)

An organization that does business with the host organization.
Partner user

A user affiliated with a partner (employee, contractor, etc.). It is the identities, entitlements and credentials of partner users which the Identity Express: Partner Portal Edition manages.
Global administrator

A host user with elevated privileges, allowed to manage all partners and partner users.
Partner administrator

A partner user with rights to manage other users, their entitlements or their credentials, but with visibility and privileges limited to only his own partner organization.

A public database containing records about users and organizations. Typically implemented using LDAP server software or Microsoft Active Directory. This may be a stand-alone directory or a subset of a larger directory operated by the hosting organization. The Identity Express: Partner Portal Edition is used to manage partner users in the directory.

A computer program operated by the host organization which is accessed by partner users. Host organizations use the Hitachi ID Suite to manage access to applications by partner users. Applications in the context of the Identity Express: Partner Portal Edition are typically deployed either in on the host organization's Extranet or "in the cloud" in a software-as-a-service model.


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