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This document describes the configuration of a standard deployment of Hitachi ID Password Manager. For organizations wishing to adopt best practices and short-circuit extensive design discussions, the simplest approach is to implement the policies and processes described here.

Integrated password systems

Most organizations have an on-premises Active Directory domain, and this should always be the first integration.

Any additional systems and applications where a significant number of users have login credentials should be integrated. For example, many organizations operate a SAP ERP, CRM or mainframe, and these should be integrated.

Some applications externalize their login process via federated access. This raises two possible integrations:

  1. If there is not already a federated access management system, use the SAML identity provider (IdP) included in Password Manager.
  2. Many applications support both logins using internal passwords and, separately federated login. For example, maintains passwords for users and can simultaneously offload the login UI using SAML. In these dual-login scenarios, Password Manager should at a minimum manage passwords on the application in question.

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