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This document compares two product categories that address the same business problem: password complexity. The two types of products are:

  1. password synchronization and reset, and
  2. enterprise single sign-on.
It goes on to offer rationale for some organizations to deploy both types of technologies, and discusses integration challenges and solutions.

This document is organized as follows:

  • Background: one problem, two solutions

    The business problems caused by password complexity are described, and two alternate solutions to address these problems are explained.

  • Strengths and weaknesses

    The strengths and weaknesses of three technologies designed to address password complexity are reviewed.

  • Deployment

    Identifies the major tasks that must be accomplished in order to deploy each of the three technologies.

  • Motivation for a combined solution

    Business drivers for deploying a combination of solutions are laid out.

  • Interoperability challenges and integration approaches

    Password reset and enterprise single sign-on technologies can interfere with one another. Similarly, password synchronization and enterprise single sign-on technologies can conflict. Integrating the technologies is essential to eliminating these conflicts.

Hitachi ID Password Manager supports both lightweight and full integration with enterprise single sign-on systems.

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