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This document describes self-service credential management using Hitachi ID Password Manager. It links business problems to technology and describes the benefits of automation and self-service.

The remainder of this document covers:

  • Why do we still use passwords?

    Many people wonder why password management is still needed? Aren't passwords going away soon? This is an overview of why passwords will likely be with us for years to come.

  • How to compose and manage passwords securely?

    Given that users will have passwords for years, some advice on how to choose secure, memorable passwords is offered.

  • Password management guidelines for application developers

    It's not only users who deal with passwords. Application developers must write password handling logic and user interfaces. Here is guidance for them.

  • Multi-factor authentication

    Passwords can be compromised, so multi-factor authentication is often recommended. Why this is so and what to do is summarized here.

  • Usability, IT support cost and security

    The impact of poor password management on organizations is high cost and weak security, as described here.

  • Basic password management

    Password Manager automates basic password management processes, as described here.

  • Technical challenges

    Basic password management is great -- but there are many scenarios where user location, use of encryption and cached passwords interfere. These scenarios, and how Password Manager addresses each one, are described.

  • Network architecture

    Password Manager is deployed to corporate networks, as described here.

  • Maximizing user adoption

    The value of password management hinges on user adoption. How to increase adoption rates and consequently maximize RIO is described here.

  • Access to Password Manager from smart phones

    Users increasingly prefer to interact with corporate services from their smart phones. This is supported by Password Manager as described here.

  • Telephony integration (IVR)

    Some organizations expose self-service management of passwords and PINs to a users via phone calls, and this is supported by Password Manager.

  • Return on investment

    Password Manager can generate real, measurable cost savings for organizations. This section shows how to estimate these savings.

  • Platform support

    Password Manager can manage passwords and other credentials across a wide range of systems and applications.

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