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How do I reset the superuser application ID's password?

In the event that the Hitachi ID Password Manager administrator forgets his own application password into Password Manager, Password Manager comes with the ADM_SET utility that allows a user with an administrative console login on the Password Manager server to reset the Password Manager application administrator password. This program can also be used to unlock/enable a superuser ID. ADM_SET is only accessible from an administrative command prompt on the Password Manager server.

Where does Password Manager store Q&A data?

Password Manager normally stores security questions, used to authenticate users who forget their passwords, in its internal database. The questions and answers are encrypted using 256-bit AES using a secret key. Alternatively, Password Manager can be tied to an external repository (e.g., LDAP, AD, Oracle, etc.) where it reads and writes encrypted or hashed security question data and possibly login IDs.

How do I write reports that directly query the Password Manager database?

Password Manager comes with various built-in reports that can be generated through its web portal or scheduled to run later and/or periodically. To access these reports:

  1. Log in as an admin user who has the right to view the server monitor.
  2. Click Server MonitorRun Reports to see the Password Manager Run Reports page.
  3. Click on the type of report you want to generate.

Additionally, if custom reports need to be created, then the database files can be copied to another location. This will allow another tool to read the database and allow you to generate custom reports.

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