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This document is organized into sections that describe challenges specific to helping off-site users resolve login problems related to locally cached or pre-boot credentials. It describes how Hitachi ID Password Manager addresses each problem.

  • What is Password Manager?

    A brief description of Password Manager, to give context to the subsequent sections.

  • Protected assets

    A list of what information security, as implemented in Password Manager, should protect.

  • Defining security violations

    Some specific security attacks that Password Manager defenses must repel.

  • Impact on authentication processes

    How the features and processes created by Password Manager affect authentication to IT infrastructure generally in an organization.

  • Server defenses

    How each Password Manager application server can and should be protected.

  • Communication defenses

    How data transmitted to and from each Password Manager server is protected.

  • Protecting data at rest

    How data stored on each Password Manager server is protected.

  • Kiosk accounts

    How the optional secure kiosk account impacts the security of the network operating system where it is installed.

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