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What is Password Manager?

Password Manager is an integrated solution for managing credentials across systems and applications. It simplifies the management of passwords, tokens, smart cards, security questions and biometrics. Password Manager lowers IT support cost and improves the security of login processes.

Password Manager includes password synchronization, self-service password and PIN reset, strong authentication, federated access, enrollment of security questions and biometrics and self-service unlock of encrypted drives.

Password Manager reduces the cost of password management using:

  • Password synchronization, which reduces the incidence of password problems for users
  • Self-service password reset, which empowers users to resolve their own problems rather than calling the help desk
  • Streamlined help desk password reset, to expedite resolution of password problem calls

Password Manager strengthens security by providing:

  • A powerful password policy mechanism.
  • Effective user authentication, especially prior to password resets.
  • Password synchronization, to help eliminate written-down passwords.
  • Delegated password reset privileges for help desk staff.
  • Accountability for all password changes.
  • Encryption of all transmitted passwords.

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What Password Manager must protect

IT security means protecting the availability of systems, the confidentiality of data, and the integrity of both processes and data.

Password Manager is designed to improve security. It includes measures to protect:

  • The Password Manager server itself.
  • Password Manager may be used to store a variety of sensitive data, including:
    1. Credentials used to connect to target systems, to enumerate accounts, reset passwords, etc.
    2. Security questions and answers for users.
    3. Password history for users (salted, hashed old passwords).
    4. Keys used by one Password Manager server or component on the network to authenticate and establish a secure connection to another Password Manager server or component on the network.

    Password Manager also temporarily stores user password values, which have been submitted to the application but not yet committed to target systems.

  • Data transmitted by users to Password Manager, including passwords and answers to security questions.
  • Data transmitted from Password Manager to managed systems, including login credentials to establish each connection and user passwords.

The Password Manager software is designed to safeguard all of these assets. Organizations should follow best practices to further protect each application server and the data it contains and manages.


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