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Organizations rely on identity and access management (IAM) systems to streamline the administration of identities, entitlements and credentials and to enforce controls over access to critical systems, applications and data.

This document is an introduction to modern IAM systems, to help organizations plan for, prioritize, deploy and manage IAM process automation. It covers:

  • Business drivers -- reasons to deploy an IAM system.
  • Process optimization and automation -- the kinds of processes that can be automated and advice regarding best practices rather than automating existing processes.
  • Data cleanup versus process automation -- clarifying that cleaning up identity and entitlement data or defining roles are not pre-requisite to IAM process automation.
  • Architecture and integrations -- the integrations between the IAM system and other systems and applications and the variables that should be considered to scale the system up.
  • Organizational impact -- staffing required to deploy and operate an IAM system successfully.
  • Selecting a vendor and product -- advice for how to select a suitable product from a helpful vendor without having to read thousands of pages of RFP responses.
  • Program, not project management -- a long-term commitment to implement and expand the system.
  • Incremental deployment -- prioritizing deliverables and expanding the scope of the often, rather than trying to implement all possible processes and integrations at once.
  • Ongoing system management -- roles and responsibilities for the IAM program team once the system has been deployed.

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