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This document describes privileged access management using Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager. It links business problems to technology and describes the benefits of robust, enterprise-scale control over elevated privileges.

The remainder of this document covers:

  • Types of privileged accounts:

    Differentiating between administrator, service and embedded accounts, all three of which must be secured, each using its own mechanism.

  • Security vulnerabilities arising from improper access management:

    Building a business case for automation to secure access to privileged accounts.

  • Regulatory requirements:

    Linking privileged access security to regulatory requirements.

  • Technical challenges to effective access controls:

    Identifying the key technical barriers to deploying and scaling up an enterprise-wide privileged access management system.

  • Secure, effective privileged access management:

    Functional capabilities of Privileged Access Manager.

  • Scalability and reliability:

    Architectural elements in Privileged Access Manager that allow it to be scaled up.

  • Auditing, reports, analytics and regulatory compliance:

    Logging and analytics included in Privileged Access Manager to meet audit, forensic, diagnostic and regulatory requirements.

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