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This document outlines the business drivers and technical context for strong authentication and explains how Hitachi ID Password Manager balances organizational needs for security with user needs for continual access and convenient logins.

Cloud, mobility and porous perimeters

A number of trends impact all IT organizations:

  1. Cloud: Applications and infrastructure are generally migrating from on-premises to the cloud, where third parties deploy and manage critical systems and where applications are increasingly exposed to the public Internet.
  2. Mobility: Users increasingly demand access to critical systems from off-site -- they work from home, visit customers and require access from personal devices, such as smart phones.
  3. Disappearing perimeter: Traditional approaches to network security have depended on a (hopefully) strong barrier between the untrusted public Internet and the secure private network. This perimeter, built using firewalls, is increasingly porous, with connections established both inbound and outbound.

These trends all impact security:

  1. Applications exposed to a public URL can be attacked by anyone in the world.
  2. Users may connect from insecure or compromised devices or networks.
  3. The security of corporate infrastructure cannot be based solely on perimeter defenses, as these are porous and disappearing.

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