1. "You and Your" refers to your company;

  2. "Software Product" means the licensed Hitachi ID Systems Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite program (including but not limited to Hitachi ID Identity Manager, Hitachi ID Password Manager, Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager, Hitachi ID Access Certifier, Hitachi ID Org Manager, Hitachi ID Telephone Password Manager and Hitachi ID Group Manager);

  3. "Custom Program" means an additional program written by You, by Hitachi ID or by a third party, which modifies or extends the behaviour of the Software Product. Most commonly these are invoked as plug-in programs.

  4. "Custom Binary" means an executable file that has been built by Hitachi ID whose source code differs from that in the generally available product version.

  5. "Documentation" means any documentation Hitachi ID provides You that is related to the Software Product, including but not limited to technical manuals;

  6. "Licensed Software" consists of:

    1. The Software Product.
    2. Any Custom Program provided by Hitachi ID to You.
    3. Any Custom Binary provided by Hitachi ID to You.
    4. Documentation.

  7. "Agreement" refers to your End User License Agreement;

  8. "Maintenance Contract" refers to a contract between Hitachi ID and You governing upgrades and technical support of Software Product.


Software Products

Unless otherwise stated, this Technical Support Policy applies to any and all technical support that is provided for all Hitachi ID Suite Software Products. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Password Manager
  2. Privileged Access Manager
  3. Identity Manager
  4. Group Manager

Maintenance Contract

Technical support for currently supported versions of the Software Products is only available upon the purchase of a Maintenance Contract from Hitachi ID, as outlined in the Agreement. This contract is mandatory for the first year upon initial purchase of each Software Product and strongly recommended annually thereafter.

Hitachi ID is not obliged to provide any support services to You in the absence of a current and paid-up Maintenance Contract between You and Hitachi ID. In the event that a Maintenance Contract is not in place, Your Hitachi ID account manager will be able to provide You with assistance in renewing Your Maintenance Contract.

Reporting and Reproducing Issues

This Technical Support Policy and Hitachi ID's Service Level Agreements are valid only for issues reported by You directly to Hitachi ID and that are demonstrable and, in order of declining preference, reproducible on:

  1. An unaltered Software Product, or
  2. A configuration of Software Product which may include Custom Binaries, or
  3. A configuration of Software Product which may include Custom Programs produced by Hitachi ID or by an authorized systems integrator.

The issue must be reproducible on a supported server configuration, which includes Hitachi ID-supported hardware, operating system and database versions as defined within the product manuals.

Hitachi ID will make a best effort to assist You in resolving any issues You report, which either affect the performance of Hitachi ID products or which affect other systems on Your network and are suspected by You to be caused by Hitachi ID products.

IT Outsourcers / Managed Service Providers

In the event that a third party licensed the Hitachi ID Software Product on Your behalf, for example as a part of an IT outsourcing contract between You and a third party, and You do not have a Maintenance Contract with Hitachi ID, Hitachi ID will not be obliged to provide any support services directly to You.

In this situation, Hitachi ID will provide support services to the third party, assuming that third party purchased the Hitachi ID Software Product directly from Hitachi ID and has a current Maintenance Contract. Also in this situation, Hitachi ID may, at its sole discretion, extend support services directly to You.


This Technical Support Policy is subject to amendment from time to time, at Hitachi ID's sole discretion. Any new versions of this support policy will take effect only after they have been delivered to You in electronic or printed form.

Scope of Coverage

Technical support is only available for the following items where You have a valid Maintenance Contract and the Software Product version is supported:

  1. Software Product binaries provided by Hitachi ID to You.

  2. Custom Binaries provided by Hitachi ID to You.

  3. Unaltered Custom Programs provided by Hitachi ID to You.

In scenarios other than those defined above (stock binaries, custom binaries and scripts), Hitachi ID may recommend that You engage Hitachi ID or an authorized systems integration partner in a professional services project to implement the required changes.

In all other scenarios, Hitachi ID will:

  • Make a best effort to assist You,
  • Instruct You in how best to resolve the issue on Your own.

Your Obligations

To enable resolution within the time periods outlined in [link], issues reported to the Hitachi ID technical support team must:

  1. Include a detailed list of steps needed to reproduce the issue.
  2. Be reproducible by Hitachi ID support staff.
  3. Include relevant and Hitachi ID-requested log files.
  4. Be visible to Hitachi ID support staff using a remote control technology, if this is deemed necessary by Hitachi ID support staff.

If the above are not possible then support will still be provided but Hitachi ID will not be bound by the terms of the SLA.

Note that using remote control technology is not mandatory in all cases but it almost always expedites problem resolution.

If you have project exit documentation from Hitachi ID relevant to your current software deployment, please review this prior to reporting an issue as this may either help you resolve the issue yourself or assist in a faster resolution of the issue by the Hitachi ID support team.

Support Period

For any given release of a Software Product, the Service Level Agreement set forth in [link] is applicable starting on the release date of that version of the Software Product and until 24 months after the release date of the subsequent version of the same Software Product.

After this period expires, limited support for a Software Product may be continued at Hitachi ID's sole discretion and is no longer subject to the same Service Level Agreement.

For example, if Password Manager 6.4.2 is released on July 2, 2008, the previous version (6.4.1) is supported until (and including) July 1, 2010 as defined in the Service Level Agreement.

The release dates of software versions are available on the Hitachi ID customer portal.

Software Product Upgrades

You are eligible to receive Software Product upgrades for no extra charge while You have a current Maintenance Contract. You are encouraged to take advantage of this and perform a version upgrade every twelve (12) to twenty-four (24) months.

It should be noted that access to new Software Product versions does not imply no-cost upgrade services. Professional Services may be required to implement an upgrade and these are purchased separately.

Emergency Support Option

An emergency support option is available for an additional fee. This option entitles You to assistance twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days/week in the event of an emergency problem.

Emergency problems are those issues that are actively stopping the Software Product from functioning in Your production environment or cases where Software Product is suspected by You of causing another part of your production environment to fail.

Emergency problems exclude problems experienced on non-production systems.

If You have purchased the emergency support option, when You call the emergency response line after regular Hitachi ID office hours, an automated attendant will forward Your call to a voice mailbox. You must leave a message on this mailbox with a description of the emergency issue and Your contact information.

The emergency support mailbox will send an alarm to a designated Hitachi ID technical support person who will call You back.

The response time to begin working on emergency problems may be up to a maximum of four hours, depending on severity, as outlined in the Service Level Agreement in [link].

Support Contact Information

To contact technical support, please use the following phone number or e-mail address:

Type Details When to use When Hitachi ID will respond
E-Mail 24x7 3:00-20:00 ET
Phone 1.403.233.0740 1 (English), 2 (support) 3:00-20:00 ET 3:00-20:00 ET

Service Level Agreement

Hitachi ID offers a single, uniform technical support service level to all customers. Service level depends on incident priority, as defined in the following table:

Priority Description Response Resolution Estimated Notes
    time begins completion  
1 The Hitachi ID product is suspected to be adversely affecting the production network Immediate Immediate 4 hours Customer must call and indicate an emergency in the telephone attendant. Customers who contracted for this are entitled to 24x7 support in this case.
2 The Hitachi ID product has ceased to function in the production environment, there is no workaround. 1 hour 1 hour 6 hours  
3 A new feature is not working in production or the Hitachi ID product has stopped working in production but a workaround is available. 4 hours 4 hours 8 hours  
4 The Hitachi ID product has ceased to function in a non-production, there is no workaround. 4 hours 4 hours 12 hours  
5 A new feature is not working in a non-production environment or the Hitachi ID product has stopped working in the non-production environment but a workaround is available. 4 hours 8 hours 12 hours  
6 An enhancement is requested. 4 hours 8 hours - Will negotiate for deliverable cost (if any) and schedule.

Support Renewals

In order to ensure your continuous maintenance coverage, we require that customers provide a purchase order or invoicing authorization at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the current maintenance coverage. Renewals that are received less than 30 days prior to the expiration maintenance will result in an administration fee of 2.5%. If the maintenance renewal order is not received prior to the end of the current coverage, the maintenance will be considered expired and re-instatement is at the sole option of Hitachi ID.

Customer Portal

A knowledge base, sample downloads and other material relevant to implementing and supporting Software Products are available on the Hitachi ID customer portal at the following URL:

You should request a login ID and password on this portal from Your Hitachi ID account manager.