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  • Group Management
    Managing large numbers of groups is slow, complicated and costly. Group membership and continued relevance are suspect.
  • Slow Onboarding
    It can take too long to create login IDs for newly hired or reassigned users.
  • Unreliable Deactivation
    Access deactivation can be slow, unreliable or incomplete.
  • Complex Access Requests
    Access requests can frustrate users: Where is the form? How to fill it in? What entitlements are required? Who will approve it?
  • Obsolete Access Rights
    Users retain access rights long after they are business-appropriate.
  • Policy Violations
    Find users whose access rights violate policy and revoke excess entitlements.
  • Costly Audits
    Auditing entitlements is hard: Who has what? What is the change history? Is it (still) appropriate?
  • No Accountability for Changes
    Who granted access, when and on whose authority? There is no accountability without change history.
  • Costly Security Administration
    Processes to manage users and entitlements are costly and time consuming.