Business Challenge

Users have difficulty submitting access requests:

  • Where is the form? Even how to get started can be hard.
  • How to fill it in? Users are unfamiliar with "technical jargon" or the entitlement landscape.
  • What entitlements are required? Users understand business need, not the underlying access requirements.
  • Who will approve it? This may not be well defined or properly automated.

This complexity leads to frustration and delay as access request forms are incorrectly filled out and must be corrected or resubmitted.

Hitachi ID Bravura Identity Solution

  • Requests can be formulated in terms of searchable business roles which are easier to understand.
  • Bravura Identity can recommend entitlements which are popular among peers of a recipient.
  • Users may be encouraged to simply attempt to access shares, folders or SharePoint sites, where their attempts will not only be blocked (no rights yet) but also intercepted with a link to an appropriate request page.
  • Requesters may be allowed to compare the entitlements of the intended recipient (often themselves) to those held by another, model user. They can then select entitlements from the difference.

Bravura Identity provides multiple, complementary solutions to address the core usability problem for people submitting access requests.