About Bravura Pass

Bravura Pass is an integrated solution for managing credentials across systems and applications. It simplifies the management of passwords, tokens, smart cards, security questions and biometrics. Bravura Pass lowers IT support cost and improves the security of login processes.

Bravura Pass includes password synchronization, self-service password and PIN reset, strong authentication, federated access, enrollment of security questions and biometrics and self-service unlock of encrypted drives.

Business Challenge

Users have too many passwords used to sign into different systems and applications. Users respond to this complexity by:

  • Avoiding password changes,
  • choosing simple passwords,
  • writing down their passwords or
  • forgetting passwords.

This creates real business problems:

  • Inconvenience for users,
  • security compromises and
  • high help desk call volumes.

Users may also have smart cards or tokens that users unlock with a PIN (which they will occasionally forget). They may also use security questions in some contexts or a password to unlock an encrypted drive on their PC. Some users use biometrics, such as finger prints, voice prints or face recognition to sign into systems or applications. Users may experience login problems with any of these credentials.

Increasingly, users sign into cloud-hosted SaaS applications, where single-factor (password-only) authentication is simply not strong enough to protect critical systems that are accessible to attackers via a public URL.

Solution and Features

Bravura Pass, a component of the Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric, is a system that helps users to better manage their own credentials. It includes:

  • Strong authentication (MFA) and federated access (Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 identity provider (IdP) ).
  • Self-service password and PIN reset.
  • Self-service unlock of encrypted drives.
  • Password synchronization.
  • Managed enrollment of security questions, mobile phone numbers, personal e-mail addresses and biometrics.

Bravura Pass includes connectors to manage PINs, passwords and encryption keys on over 130 kinds of systems and applications.

These capabilities are available via a full-screen or mobile web browser, from an off-site laptop or smart phone, from the login screen of a corporate PC or via a phone call.