Hitachi ID Password Manager improves the security of passwords through enforcement of a robust, global policy that requires passwords to be complex, to be changed periodically and to never be reused. It improves the security of IT support processes by requiring strong authentication of both the support analyst and caller prior to any security-related help desk call and by reducing the number of IT support staff who need elevated privileges to assist users who need help with an intruder lockout, forgotten password or PIN or locked-out drive.

Password Manager improves user service by reducing the number of passwords users must remember, by automatically populating IDs and passwords into application login prompts and by providing a single, friendly user interface where users regularly change their passwords.

Password Manager lowers the cost of IT support by reducing the frequency of password-related problems experienced by users and by enabling users to resolve a variety of authentication-related problems on their own.

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  • Stronger Security
    Ensure stronger, regularly changing passwords, 2FA logins to SaaS and protection against social engineering.
  • Lower IT Support Cost
    Reduce help desk call volume both on average and during peak hours.
  • Improved User Service
    Fewer passwords, 24x7 support and secure storage for personal credentials.