Hitachi ID Bravura Pass reduces the IT support cost associated with passwords:

  • Lower problem frequency: Users have fewer passwords to remember, due to password synchronization. They are invited to change passwords in the morning, at the start of the week, after which the new password will be used often, so not forgotten. As a result, users tend to remember their passwords and have fewer problems.

  • Lower call volume: Not only do users have fewer login problems, but they can resolve those problems on their own. Self-service password reset and unlock are available at the PC login screen, on a browser, with a smart phone app or a phone call, on-site or away. Users who resolve their own problems don't call the help desk.

  • Lower peak volumes: Most password reset calls happen during a few short hours, at the beginning of the first work day of the week and especially after holidays. By driving down problem frequency and call volume generally, these peaks are attenuated. As a result, fewer total help desk staff are needed.

  • Reduced cost per incident: Even when users do call for support, a single and efficient web portal enables support staff to authenticate them, reset passwords, clear lockouts and generate tickets quickly and easily, shortening call duration and incident cost.