Hitachi ID Bravura Pass improves the security of authentication processes:

  • Strong, uniform password policy: A strong, uniform set of password composition rules and an open-ended password history prevent the use of easily guessed passwords and ensure that all passwords are changed regularly.

  • Fewer passwords (to write down): Password synchronization reduces the burden on users, who can finally comply with rules against writing down their passwords.

  • Authenticate users before resetting passwords: Consistent, reliable authentication processes ensure that users are reliably identified before accessing either self-service or assisted password resets.

  • Two-factor authentication: User of multiple credentials can be mandated ahead of every user interaction, blocking attacks on user accounts by convincing the help desk to reset a victim's password.

  • Secure SaaS logins: Federated access allows two-factor authentication to be extended to SaaS applications, not just Bravura Pass logins.

  • No more privileged support accounts: IT support staff can be empowered to reset passwords and clear lockouts through the Bravura Pass portal, without direct administrative rights on every system and application.