Hitachi ID Bravura Pass improves user service by simplifying password management:

  • Fewer passwords: Users only have to remember one or two passwords -- these are synchronized across the user's accounts on various systems.

  • Help off-site users: When a user is away from the office and forgets his PC login password, he must bring or ship his PC back to the office, so that any password reset can be applied to the local credential cache. Bravura Pass eliminates this business interruption by enabling self-service password reset, from the PC login prompt, even for users who are not at work.

  • Simpler UI: All passwords are managed through a single, friendly web portal.

  • Clear, consistent policy: Password composition rules are clearly explained and applied to all systems and applications.

  • Resolve login problems: In the event of a password or login problem, users can quickly resolve their own problem using self-service, rather than calling the help desk and waiting for service.

  • Advance warning of password expiry: Password expiration notices are delivered to all users, including off-site users who would otherwise get no warning before their account is locked out.

  • Personal vault: Users can store unmanaged credentials in a secure, personal password vault, accessible using their PCs or phones.