Hitachi ID Mobile Access can act as an access point to a corporate telephone and e-mail directory. Users sign into the app, search for a coworker and click a link to add contact information for that person to their phone. They can then call, text or e-mail that co-worker with their phone.

Because Mobile Access is accessible whenever the user has public Internet access, this enables access to the corporate directory from the phone of any valid, current corporate user, be it personally owned (BYOD) or a corporate device. Users need not open their laptop and establish a VPN just to find the phone number or e-mail address of a coworker.

Central policy (via an attribute group) maps profile attributes to VCARD contact fields, so determines what information can be downloaded from the corporate directory to phones. Additional policies (via user classes) determine what recipients a given requester can search for and what attributes are visible. This level of control makes it possible to expose contact information only where appropriate. For example:

  1. A user's manager may be allowed to access the user's personal contact information, but other users can only access a given user's work e-mail and phone number.
  2. HR users can be granted a more open view into user profiles than is generally permitted.
  3. Access can be linked to geography -- for example, users in any given country or region can only look up peers in the same country or region.
  4. Restrictions can be lifted in the event of a natural disaster, to facilitate users checking on one-anothers' safety.

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Add contact to phone


  • A user signs into Mobile Access.
  • Search for a coworker.
  • Add contact for that coworker to the phone.

Key concepts:

  • Users can find one-another using just their phone.
  • Contact records are downloaded using the standard VCARD format.
  • Once a contact has been added, normal calls, texts or e-mails can be sent using the phone's native communication tools.

Activate Mobile Access app


  • A user downloads the Mobile Access app to his phone.
  • The app is activated using a separate login to Hitachi ID Bravura Pass on the user's PC.

Key concepts:

  • Only activated phones can access Bravura Pass, which is typically on-premises and behind firewalls.
  • Activation is simple -- configuration information is transferred from the PC screen to the app by scanning a QR code.