Hitachi ID Bravura Pass enables users whose PC is protected with drive encryption software, who have forgotten their pre-boot password, to unlock their PC using an app previously installed on their iOS or Android phone.

The process for encrypted drive unlock is as follows:

  1. The user selects the "unlock" user interface at the boot prompt of the drive encryption software. Note that this is available before the operating system boots.
  2. The user launches the Hitachi ID Mobile Access app on his phone and signs in, for example by answering security questions.
  3. The encryption software on the user's PC displays a challenge code, which the user enters into his phone.
  4. The app displays a response code, which the user enters into his PC.
  5. This unlocks the PC, which proceeds to the OS boot process.

The series of screen captures from a phone in Figure [link] illustrates this process.

Bravura Pass mobile application -- unlock pre-boot password

Bravura Pass mobile application -- unlock pre-boot password

Note that drive unlock is also possible via a self-service phone call to an (included) interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Watch a Movie

In the following movie, we show unlocking a drive protected by McAfee Safeboot, but a similar process is available for a variety of other drive encryption products.

Unlocking a user who forgot his McAfee/Safeboot boot password


  • User forgot the password he must type to unlock his encrypted drive.
  • User calls the help desk and is routed to the Hitachi ID Telephone Password Manager server.
  • User identifies and authenticates himself over the telephone.
  • User acts as an intermediary between McAfee/Safeboot software and Telephone Password Manager, passing codes in both directions.
  • User receives and keys in an unlock code, enabling him to boot his OS.

Key concepts:

  • Access to key recovery for users with encrypted drive.
  • Self-service process eliminates help desk calls and offers 24x7 service.