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  • Target System Connectors
    Systems and applications where Hitachi ID Bravura Pass can manage passwords and PINs.
  • Other Integrations
    Integration with e-mail, ticketing systems and more.
  • Access to Self-service
    Manage credentials using a browser, from the PC login screen, using a mobile app or by making a voice call.
  • Help Locked Out Users
    Enable users who forgot or locked out their PC login password to access self-service.
  • Self-service for Off-site Users
    Assist users who forgot their PC login password while away from the office.
  • Map User IDs
    Link login IDs on different systems and applications to their owners.
  • Bravura Pass Scalability
    Scale up to hundreds of concurrent logins per server and thousands of password changes per hour with.
  • Telephone Access
    Offer access to self-service password reset, PIN reset and filesystem unlock through a voice phone call to an automated system.
  • Bravura Pass Language Support
    Bravura Pass can communicate with users, on-screen and in e-mails, in their native languages.
  • On-premises Runtime Requirements
    Sizing, configuration and number of servers on which to deploy the Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric when installing on-premises.