IVR Options

Users who experience a login problem can dial an interactive voice response (IVR) system with any telephone and reset a forgotten or locked password or PIN, clear an intruder lockout or resolve a problem pre-boot or with a hardware token. There are several options for identifying callers, including touch-tone input of login IDs or speech-to text. Similarly, there are several options for authenticating callers, including touch-tone or text-to-speech input of answers to security questions, voice biometrics and input of a PIN sent via SMS to a user's mobile phone.

The call flow in an existing IVR system can be extended to handle this type of self-service, integrating with Hitachi ID Bravura Pass via its API to access user profiles and initiate self-service operations. Alternately, relevant calls can be rerouted to Hitachi ID Telephone Password Manager, which can handle the entire call flow itself. Telephone Password Manager is an included, self-contained IVR system designed for use with Bravura Pass.

Note that there are some types of problems that cannot (physically) be resolved via a phone call. In particular, an IVR system cannot update any locally cached passwords on the user's device. For users who forgot their locally cached OS login password and are off-site, a self-service mechanism launched from the OS login screen is required.

IVR Network Architecture

This is implemented on the network with the following components:

Telephone access (IVR) architecture

Telephone access (IVR) architecture

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User unlocks Windows password with self-service telephone call


  • User locks out Windows login password.
  • User accesses self-service password reset via telephone.
  • User enters his network login ID using touch-tone input.
  • User gives numeric answers to security questions.
  • User selects one of several random password.
  • User signs into Windows with the new password.

Key concepts:

  • Access to self-service password reset despite being locked out of Windows.
  • User interaction via telephone, no client footprint.