Hitachi ID Bravura Pass can send users, help desk staff, Bravura Pass administrators, target system administrators or security officers electronic mail messages whenever any one of over 300 pre-defined events takes place.

Users can be notified that one or more of their passwords is about to expire, and they should change all of their passwords using Bravura Pass, rather than waiting for password to expire individually.

Users can also be notified when their passwords have been synchronized, changed or reset, or that someone has failed to authenticate while trying to log into Bravura Pass using their login ID.

System administrators can be notified of persistent problems with Bravura Pass, with target systems, or with systems interfaces.

Security officers can be notified of security violations, such as failed authentication attempts relating to user or administrator accounts.

Bravura Pass can even send mail to mail gateways that belong to help desk call management systems, as a simple method for automatically writing tickets.