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  • Static Passwords
    Eliminate static passwords on privileged accounts through scheduled and event driven randomization.
  • Secure Credential Storage
    Encrypt and replicate stored credentials, to prevent unauthorized disclosure, service interruption or data loss.
  • Administrator Accountability
    Hold IT staff accountable for changes they make by recording login sessions.
  • Reliable Authentication
    Require strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) proof of identity before users can request, approve or launch elevated access.
  • Pre-authorized Access
    Pre-authorized access for platform administrators and other frequent users.
  • One-time Access
    Grant access to developers, vendors or IT operations staff on an as-needed basis.
  • Stop Disclosing Passwords
    Connect authorized users to privileged login sessions without displaying passwords.
  • Forensic Audits
    Record login sessions and replay video later, for example in a forensic audit.
  • Scaling Up
    Automatically discover and classify systems, groups and accounts to manage.
  • Secure Windows Service Accounts
    Discover service/account dependencies, white-list services, identify owners and safely randomize passwords.
  • Secure Embedded Accounts
    Replace embedded, plaintext passwords in scripts and applications with a secure API.