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  • Network Architecture
    Scalable and highly available discovery, session initiation and credential storage.
  • Rendering SSH and RDP Sessions in a Browser
    Empowering users, including those who happen to be off-site or work for third parties, to launch privileged SSH and RDP logins and display them in a browser, on their PC or smart phone.
  • Network Path to Managed Systems
    Overcome DNS, IP and firewall barriers to connect Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager to managed systems.
  • Emergency Access
    Uninterrupted access to privileged accounts during emergencies ('break glass' scenarios).
  • Included Connectors
    Systems on which Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager can discover accounts, randomize passwords and launch logins.
  • Infrastructure Auto-discovery
    Automatically find and manage systems, accounts, groups and services.
  • Scalability
    Scale up to millions of managed endpoints and accounts.
  • Granular Access Control
    Grant less-than-full administrative rights while minimizing policy management.
  • Privacy Protection
    Protect the privacy of users whose login sessions were recorded.
  • Authenticating Applications
    Learn how Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager can fingerprint applications before granting access to passwords.
  • Segregation of Duties
    Isolate entitlements and prevent individual users from violating internal controls.
  • Flag Unusual Requests
    Trigger extra approvals and surveillance before granting unusual access.