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Account Request Workflow Read our definition of Account Request Workflow

An example scenario where a request portal and an authorization workflow are used in an identity management system is an account request workflow.

Account request workflows are normally used to onboard users who either do not appear in a system of record or whose data in such a system of record is unreliable or comes too late.

One example of users who are typically onboarded via an account request workflow include contractors, who are frequently not tracked in any global database and are out of scope for an HR system. Another example is new employees in an organization where HR only creates new user records in time for payroll runs, rather than on the start date.

In these situations, the process that leads to user provisioning must start outside of the HR department. Most commonly, the new employee or contractor's manager will submit a change request, which must be validated, routed to appropriate managers and system owners for authorization, approved and finally implemented.

Hitachi ID Identity Manager includes an access request portal and robust workflows for approval and (where automation is uneconomical) manual fulfillment.

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