There are many vendors -- i.e., software publishing companies -- that make identity management software. The list of vendors depends on the category of IAM system being considered. Following are some examples:

Virtual directory
  • RadiantLogic
  • OctetString (now a part of Oracle)
  • SymLabs (now a part of Quest, in turn a part of Dell)
User provisioning
  • Hitachi ID Systems - Hitachi ID Identity Manager
  • IBM/Tivoli - IBM Security Identity Manager
  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Forefront Identity Manager
Access certification
  • Hitachi ID - Hitachi ID Access Certifier (included with Hitachi ID Identity Manager)
  • Aveksa
  • SailPoint
Password management
  • Hitachi ID - Hitachi ID Password Manager
  • Courion
Enterprise SSO
  • Passlogix (now a part of Oracle)
  • Encentuate (now a part of IBM)
  • Imprivata
  • CA SiteMinder (formerly Netegrity)
  • IBM Security Access Manager (formerly Tivoli Access Manager, TAM or ITAM)
  • Open source -- Central Authentication Service (CAS)
  • Open source -- OpenAM (formerly Sun OpenSSO, now maintained by ForgeRock)
Federated access
  • Ping Identity
  • IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Oracle Identity Federation
  • Open source -- Shibboleth
Privileged access management
  • Hitachi ID - Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager
  • Cyber-Ark
  • Lieberman Software
  • e-DMZ, acquired by Quest, acquired by Dell
Attribute based access control
  • Axiomatics
  • BitKoo, acquired by Quest, acquired by Dell

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