In addition to industry-leading products, Hitachi ID Systems offers design, implementation and training services to our customers. Hitachi ID solution delivery services rely on a standard methodology, optimized over hundreds enterprise-scale Identity and access management (IAM) deployments. Our methodology replaces expensive consulting with pre-configured product configuration wherever possible, enabling Hitachi ID to deliver the lowest-cost IAM deployments on the market.

Hitachi ID services are normally priced on a fixed-cost, fixed-deliverables basis, eliminating cost overruns and transferring risk from our customers to Hitachi ID. Deliverables are defined in a detailed solution design and commercial terms are captured in a simple statement of work.

Hitachi ID takes pride in our track record with medium to large deployments, attested to by our many satisfied, referenceable customers. Our services staff bring significant technological expertise, product knowledge and implementation experience to each engagement.

Utilizing Hitachi ID solution delivery methodology ensures rapid deployment and high user adoption. The Hitachi ID solution delivery team works closely with customers from project inception to full production deployment, to ensure success. Once in production, Hitachi ID technical support team takes over, providing high quality, responsive assistance to all live installations.

Services Overview

The Hitachi ID solution delivery group offers a range of services to customers, including:

  • Business process review and optimization.
  • Solution design / architecture.
  • Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric installation, configuration and integration.
  • Modifications of existing deployments, including:
    • Upgrades and migrations.
    • Adding new target systems.
    • Refreshing integrations when target or other systems have changed.
    • User interface customization.
    • Business logic changes.
    • Customizations.

  • One-time data cleansing (e.g., to help customers correct the contents of a system of record).
  • Assistance with roll-out of a deployed system.
  • User communication and adoption maximization.
  • Evaluation of a beta product releases.
  • Training for product administrators and project managers.

All services are offered on a fixed-price basis, unless customers are unable to fix scope in advance.

Maximizing User Adoption

Hitachi ID Adoption Maximizer

Hitachi ID is committed to providing end-to-end IAM solutions to our customers. We support our clients from initial requirements discovery, through solution design, product deployment and our proprietary Adoption Maximizer (Hitachi ID Adoption Maximizer) program.

Successful implementation of an IAM system must be supported by an effective user adoption plan. For over ten years, Hitachi ID has deployed flexible solutions across all industries, to midsize and large multi-national enterprises, delivering significant business value to the client. This experience has allowed Hitachi ID to develop our Hitachi ID Adoption Maximizer program.
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Partner Services

Services can also be provided through our network of certified partners. All Hitachi ID partners are fully trained and qualified to provide high quality implementation and support services. Hitachi ID collaborates closely with our service partners to ensure they have the required access to Hitachi ID extensive technical and implementation knowledge base. Once Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric is deployed you can rely on long term, in-depth customer product support.

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  • Solution Delivery
    Consulting services from Hitachi ID Systems and partners.
  • Methodology
    Hitachi ID Systems standardized, defined-deliverables/fixed-price implementation process.
  • Education
    Regularly scheduled training for Hitachi ID Systems deployment and administration professionals.
  • Upgrades
    Assistance with upgrades to new versions of Hitachi ID Systems products.
  • AdMax Program
    The Hitachi ID Systems Adoption Maximizer (AdMax) increases user adoption of self-service and improves ROI.
  • Managed IAM
    Hitachi ID Systems can manage deployed identity management and access governance systems on-premises or in the cloud.