Training participants must set aside sufficient hours in their work day to complete course work. Training environments assigned to students will only be available during their work hours, selected based on student time zone.

Each student is assigned a virtual machine (VM), pre-configured to be used in conjunction with other cloud-hosted systems, for example directories and target system OS images. The provided VM serves both as a host for the computer based training (CBT) program and an environment in which to complete lab work.

Each training VM contains:

Target systems reachable from the training VM are:

  • An Active Directory domain (AD).
  • A Linux system (UNIX).
  • Windows server 2014.

VM hours

VMs are scheduled to operate at specific times of day, selected based on each student's time zone. Default time zone schedules are as follows:

  • North America (PST/MST/CST/EST/NST)
    8am - 6pm EST
  • Europe (GMT/CEST)
    8am - 6pm CEST
  • Asia (IST)
    8am - 6pm IST