All materials will be delivered through email between students and Hitachi ID Systems instructors. For self-paced courses the responsibility is on the student to contact Hitachi ID instructors if they require any extensions on their training. Failure to do so will result in termination of their training VM after their monthly limit has been reached.

Implementation Course

For the customer implementation course, each student will receive:

  1. Recorded training videos
    1. For instructor led courses, these are videos from the live online course attended by students and will be given to students at the end of the lecture week.
    2. For self-paced courses, these are videos from a past live course and will be given to students at the start of their training with the rest of their training materials.
  2. Product training manual
  3. Moodle quizzes accessible through training VM
  4. Cloud-hosted VM
    1. Available for 2 weeks for instructor-led course
    2. Available for 1 month for self-paced course

The implementation course is considered complete once students:

  1. Attend all daily lecture sessions from an instructor-led course or watch all daily lecture videos from self-paced training package.
  2. Complete the majority of labs from the provided training manual on the VM assigned to them.
  3. Complete the majority of quizzes from Moodle.

For instructor-led courses, certification will be sent to students via email that have completed all of the tasks outlined above within two weeks following the end of the live online course.

For Self-paced courses, training VMs will be terminated after the month time limit has been reached by the student, unless there has been a requested extension.

To register in the instructor-led or self-paced client course please click here.