Hitachi ID Password Manager enables customers to more effectively manage passwords and other authentication factors. This helps organizations lower IT support cost, increase user productivity and strengthen network security.

To get the most from their investment in Password Manager, organizations must ensure that the system is running smoothly. This means that all of Password Manager's features and integrations must work correctly at all times. It also means that users must be aware of the system and take maximum advantage of its benefits.

To ensure a smoothly running, widely adopted and effective Password Manager deployment, organizations must provide for:

  • Server health monitoring.
  • Ongoing surveillance of user adoption and programs to increase user participation.
  • Periodic software upgrades, to add features and keep up with new integrations.
  • Prompt and effective troubleshooting of any issues that may come up.

The Hitachi ID Systems-Managed IAM eliminates the need for Hitachi ID Systems customers to hire, train and retain internal resources to manage Password Manager themselves. Instead, they hire Hitachi ID to assign a permanent resource to take on the day-to-day tasks required to manage an effective and reliable Password Manager system.

Outsourcing ongoing management of Password Manager can save organizations time and money and improve the ROI from their investment, as the system will be professionally managed and will consequently yield improved cost savings.

Learn more about the Hitachi ID Systems-Managed IAM here.

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