While there are certain non-negotiables in your identity and access management (IAM), you need more than that. You need certain functionalities for your institution’s unique systems. You need seamless integration with your existing systems. You need to minimize your total cost of ownership. And you need a strong product roadmap and workflow to ensure your IAM solution can continually adapt to evolving risks.

Taking Authentication Beyond Logins

Manage existing credentials, including passwords, tokens, smart cards and PKI, security questions and answers, and voice biometrics.

Limit Risk by Limiting Access Rights

Align access rights with business needs. Whether you're hiring, managing furloughs and layoffs, or simply have employees retiring or changing jobs, Hitachi ID can help you automate your response to these events, as well as regularly reviews access rights for every employee.

Establish Rich Integrations Right Out of the Box

Manage identities, entitlements, and credentials where they already exist. Hitachi ID Bravura ships with over 200 connectors to reduce the cost and risk of these integrations, including Active Directory, LDAP directories, mainframes, midrange systems, ERP and CRM applications, databases, and more, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Hitachi ID Systems Can Help You

Automatically grant or revoke access. Empower users to request additional access for themselves or others. Flag high-risk users and segregation of duties policy violations. Authorize requests to grant or revoke access through a policy-driven workflow. Locate orphaned and dormant accounts.


Identity Management

Including Access Management, Password Management and Identity Governance, validates & authenticates users and controls their access throughout their lifecycle.

Password Management

Self serve password reset to enhance the user experience, enables you to implement stronger password policies to strengthen login security and reduces IT support costs.

Identity Governance

Controlled access to validate and authenticate users are who they claim to be and provides them with appropriate access.

Privileged Access Management

Secures critical access and meets compliance regulations that require verifiable access controls.



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